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Sunday, December 15, 2019

Food Review: Akua Kelp Jerky

I like food that's both sustainable and tastes good. I had hope that Akua Kelp Jerky would be a new addition to my snack box... but it's not looking good.

I bought the variety pack, and have only opened one so far.

Spicy Thai and Spirulina
I'd love to tell you what kelp tastes like, but I couldn't taste the kelp. All I could taste was the seasoning, and there was way too much of it. I can understand seasoning to drown out the flavor of something, but my bag of ST&S was seasoned like they were trying to drown out the texture.

Like it was sauteed... and then breaded with the seasoning.

I mean, I have a pretty high tolerance for garlic. I opened the one that had garlic in the ingredients list (bonus points for using all ingredients I can pronounce), and maybe that was a mistake.

I tried washing it (put the jerky in a larger ziplok bag sloshed it in water for a few minutes, then dried it in the microwave), and while the seasoning was reduced, it was still overbearing. And I could smell the kelp, but not taste anything but the seasoning. Maybe I would have been better trying to dry it in the oven instead.

Score: 1/5
The only reason it's not zero is because of the ingredients list, sustainable and carbon negative business. Otherwise, they're literally inedible.

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Unfortunately, for everyone customer who gets upset about overseasoning, there's someone who gets upset about underseasoning. - Courtney Boyd Meyers, Akua
If someone is getting what I got and complaining about underseasoning, you could forgo the kelp and just send them a bag of seasoning. That is how excessive it was.

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