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Sunday, September 8, 2019

Food: Taste Plants

Before we get into this review, I must preface: I'm categorizing this as a Food because it's meant to be edible, and calling it "edible" might imply to some that it contains some measure of CBD or THC. Taste Plants' mints do not contain cannabis products.

Taste Plants are xylitol-based mints and otherwise made with simple ingredients. They use xylitol as a sweetener and base on the predication that it's good for teeth health.

warning: Xylitol is hideously toxic to dogs.

They've released three flavors, all of which are fairly subtle, but I will still endeavor to explain.

Matcha Ginger
Considering the only matcha I've had was matcha-flavored pocky, it's pretty on point. Ginger is subtle to the point of struggling to taste it, even if I chew the capsule.

Orange Cardamom
Light orange flavor with the sweetness of fruit loops aftertaste. Actual fruit loops, not that disgusting nectar flavor that Soylent released.

Lemon Geranium Mint
This one is the most aromatic. The lemony-ness is pretty subtle, they're not tart at all. I don't really know how to describe most of the flavor, which I attribute to the geranium.

You can buy your own at TastePlants.com.
Actually, they're all currently out of stock. But you can sign up to be notified.

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