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Sunday, June 2, 2019

Hair Care: Suave Men vs Longhairs S+C

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This review has been a few weeks in the making, so expect it to be a little longer and more subjective than most of my reviews.

I am a verifiable "Long Hair," a dude, a guy, a man, with locks that flow below my ears. They go past my shoulders too, and nigh unto the middle of my back. Additionally, I only wet-wash my hair once per week, and I only air-dry my hair, so keep that in mind.

I. Suave Men Deep Penetrating Shampoo

I've been using this gunk for years, and it remains the shampoo I carry when traveling. It's sometimes a trouble to find because most stores don't cater to long-haired men, and stock only the 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner, which I don't like.

Cleans my hair well, hair feels great when I rinse it out, but my hair is very dry for the next one to two days afterwards. If I don't treat my hair with additional products, on day three and until I wash my hair again (usually day seven), my hair is excessively oily and greasy. It's as if my hair is overcompensating for the dryness on the first two days.

I've found two solutions for this, and I prefer the latter.

A. Batiste Clean & Classic Dry Shampoo

On day 3, I start with this stuff. It's really good, comes to me highly recommended from both men and women, and the Clean & Classic is the most subtle scent, neither particularly masculine nor feminine. A light spray of this over my locks, then combed through with my fingertips, and my hair looks and feels less oily. Two to four reapplications for the rest of the week depending on how my hair feels when I get up in the morning, and I'm good.

B. Public Goods Argan Oil

This stuff is amazing. One application of a couple of drops when my hair is still damp, another when my hair is recently dry, and possibly one more the following morning, and my hair is good for the week. No need for more argan oil, no need for dry shampoo.

The Suave pulls out the oils and dries out my hair, the argan rehydrates it just the right amount, and my hair doesn't need to overproduce its own. It's perfect, and it's also earthy-smelling and relatively cheap.

Moroccan argan is supposedly the same stuff, but what you buy in the shops isn't necessarily pure. It most likely has other additives that may or may not be good for your particular needs. And technically, all argan is Moroccan, as that's where the tree is native to; adding that particular adjective sounds like marketing more than anything else.

Public Goods argan (buy it here, membership required) is pure and sustainably sourced. It's also cheaper per volume. My only complaint is the container it comes in isn't conducive to easy application, but decanting it into other containers (these are my preference) is easy and cheap.

II. Longhairs Epic Cleanse + Ideal Conditioner

I jumped at the chance to try this stuff, and not just because they gave me an epic coupon incentive to be an early adopter. I gave it a try twice, and I'm a little disappointed. My personal recommendation is to only use this stuff is if you have a problem with dry hair; if you tend to have oily or greasy hair, you should probably stay away.

A. Batiste Dry Same Day

The first time, I used both, as per the directions (they say leave each in for about 60 seconds, which is a little less than how long I let the Suave set. After my hair dried, it was excessively oily, about on par with day three or four using Dove without argan oil.

I used a session of my Batiste, and I was good for the week. No excessive oil afterwards.

B. Batiste Dry Next Day

The second time, I skipped the conditioner, and felt excessive oil on the morning of day two. A single application of Batiste, and I was again good for the week. No more excessive oil.

III. Summary

The Longhairs advertises their shampoo and conditioner for all hair types, but I wouldn't recommend either of them for anyone who has issues with oily hair. On the other hand, if you don't mind using dry shampoo afterwards, or you don't have access to quality argan oil, it's dealer's choice which route you take, though Suave Shampoo (without conditioner) may be less expensive.

And no, I haven't tried Suave Men conditioner, and probably won't.

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