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Sunday, June 16, 2019

Game: ZED

Yes, the game itself is a little repetitive. You collect items that are essentially memories, and use those to build stories that become pages in the book you're writing.

But remember, this isn't a case where the game is an end unto itself. The game is the means of telling a story. The story is the end, not the game itself.

The game didn't make me cry. I'm not ashamed of the fact that I cried at the end, but in this case we need to make a distinction. The story made me cry. As the credits rolled, my eyes filled up. The story that is embodied in the game is very evoking and moving.

Yes, this could be a five minute game, expect for the lack of sprinting. Again, this isn't a game you're supposed to sprint through; you're supposed to take your time, be thoughtful, smell the bloody roses! And it's made by Cyan, so goddess knows there's plenty to appreciate. It's definitely a title worthy of sharing shelf-space with the Myst titles.

Highly recommended, but watch out for the feels. Be especially cautious if you have friends or family currently or recently dealing with dementia, alzheimer's, or other forms of memory loss.

Steam, GOG, Cyan, Kickstarter

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