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Sunday, July 15, 2018

Product Review: PublicGoods Toothpaste

I'd like to do what I did for the toilet paper and say this is just toothpaste, you brush your teeth with it, and let it go.

But this is a different experience.

The PG Toothpaste doesn't foam like off-the-shelf brands do. For some people, that might be a buzzkill, because I've been led to understand that some people think it doesn't clean as good (used good instead of well on purpose) if it doesn't froth.

First off, that's hogwash.

Secondly, I don't like when the froth fills up my mouth and starts dribbling down my chin. I don't have the most high-capacity mouth (read into that what you want), and if I have to clean out my mouth part way through the act, I have to waste that much more product to reapply to my toothbrush.

Not with PG's. One spit-take and I'm good. Sure, there's a little smearing on the corners of my lips, but it's not getting into my goatee.

As for the taste, it's just minty enough but not too minty. Not so minty that you can't help but think the manufacturer is trying to hide some disgusting, chemically taste under the burning mint. It tasted bland the first couple times I used it, but I've been using too-minty toothpaste for nigh thirty years, so I'm too used to it.

I'm totally buying it again. Absolutely.

Buy it here

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