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Sunday, July 8, 2018

Product Review: PublicGoods Sea Sponge

The top complaint in the reviews is that it's so small. That seemed silly to me, because the product description clearly says 4-4½ inches at the widest point, which is nothing compared to the plastic ones you can get upwards of 7 or 8 inches across.

But then mine arrived.

Yeah, sure, at it's widest point, it's about 4 inches. At all other points its around an inch at best. In some places, calling it an inch is generous.

And it looks like a rat has chewed on it. I mean, I know it's a naturally sourced organic sponge, so it's bound to have holes. But these seem a little excessive.

Either the picture is a plumped up lie or I got the runt of the litter-- or is a group of them called a reef? The rest of their studio photos have been pretty accurate, but this...

I won't buy it again.

Buy it here

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