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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Product Review: PublicGoods Tissues

I needed to do something different, so I chose to do this one next. Why?

Because I don't use tissues.

I carry a handkerchief.

Well, actually, I carry bandanas and use them as handkerchiefs, because bandanas come in more colors, are typically bigger, and cost about the same, if not less.

That choice increases my water usage, because it's one more thing to wash, but does reduce my waste footprint, because I can use one handkerchief for months or years (washing it regularly within that time frame, naturally) before it starts to fall apart and actually gets thrown out.

Whereas with tissues, you pretty much use them once and throw them out.

But if I used tissues, I'd probably buy these for the same reason of the toilet paper.

Oh, and they come in a portable package size too.

Buy a box
Buy a pocket-pack

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