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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Product Review: PublicGoods Breath Mints

I actually have a genuine complaint about this one.

The mints taste great, they do what they should, they don't dissolve too quickly or hamper one's ability to talk if you shove them in the corner of your cheek (here's looking at you, original Mentos).

But I do have a problem.

The container is all but impossible to open one-handed. Most any other breath-mint container on the market I can open one-handed, and from there, tip one into my mouth without using the other hand, shake one into the other hand, or pick one unit up and pop it into my mouth.

Since I can't open this container one-handed, I have to (1) hold it in one hand, (2) open it with my other hand, (3) shift the container and lid into the same hand, (4) pick one out and put it in my mouth, (5) shift the container and lid back into different hands, and finally (6) close the container.

It's too much work.

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