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Sunday, June 3, 2018

Product Review: PublicGoods Body Wash

If you're guessing that all of the PG product reviews are going to be fairly informal and straightforward, well, you'd be correct.

This is body wash.

You get clean with it.

I don't have problems with allergies so I can't comment on it's hypoallergenic-ness. I don't have sensitive skin, so I can't comment on it's gentleness.

It does smell strongly of Fruit Loops (and not like the way that I was told the pink Soylent tasted of Fruit Loops, this genuinely does), but once you wash it off, the smell is pretty indistinguishable. So if you're a man, you don't have to worry about smelling fruity.

But it's really that simple.

It's about as simple as the labeling practices.

It's just body wash.

I will probably buy it again, because... why not? It helps me get over the free shipping minimum order size limit.

Buy it here

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