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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Food Review: Soylent Meal Replacement

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Meal replacement drinks have been on my radar for some time. The only thing holding me back was not wanting to waste money on something I didn't like. So once I found a way to save on waste, I stopped waiting.

I found a three-pack introductory bundle on Amazon, containing one of each of the three non-caffeinated available flavors: Original, Nectar, and Cacao.

I tried the Cacao first, mostly because I feared it the least. It tasted like protein-enriched chocolate milk, which more or less tastes like chocolate milk. It was smooth, not terribly thick, and had no grittiness. I could totally live off this stuff, for at least one meal a day.

Original was second, a few days later. Intense milkiness is the only way I can describe it. Milk has a milky flavor, but for every swallow of Original, it was like two or three times the intensity. I'm not a big fan of the normal intensity of milk, so it was a bit of a struggle to gulp this one down... until I had the thought to spoon in a little Swiss Miss. The resulting flavor was almost indistinguishable from the Cacao.

Nectar was... not good. I don't have the right words to describe it. Heavy on the sweet, heavily on the milkiness, and with a touch of Fruit Loops in the aftertaste. I'd been warned that it tasted like the milk after a bowl of the cereal, but that's only part of the story, because I generally like the taste of post-Fruit-Loops milk (though I'm not sure I'd want to drink 14 fluid ounces of it).

There are more flavors, a trio of caffeinated choices, which you won't find on here (sorry, that's not a drug I imbibe in), but you can find a demo bundle of them too.

You can also buy the original flavor in not-pre-mixed packets and tub. For reasons I don't understand, the packets are cheaper per ounce and serving. I do plan on giving this a try (with a can of chocolate milk powder on the side) in the future.

Also to note: I was warned about bowel instability after the first bottle. I suffered no change to my movements, but don't expect my fortune to work for you.

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